Peru Money


The currency in Peru is called the Nuevo Sol (S/.) and there are 100 céntimole (cents) in one sol. The sol is available in a range of bank notes from 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 all of which are pictured on the right hand side of the screen. There is also a selection of coins in use in Peru which come in 1, 2 and 5 Neuvos Soles, other coins that are in circulation are 5, 10, 20 and 50 céntimole. The nuevo sol became the official currency of Peru in 1991 and translates as sun in Spanish, this is in keeping with the Inca heritage of the countries past and refering to the Inca's sun worshipping civilisation.

If you are travelling to Peru many places will accept U.S. dollars as a form of payment particularly in places such as restaurants, supermarkets and large shops. If you are looking to visit Peru it is advised that you convert you currency before coming to Peru as you may find it difficult to locate a bureaux exchange outside of the larger cities. Do not under any circumstances use a street money exchanger to convert your currency as this is often a unsecure way to exchange your money.

If you are taking travelers cheques to Peru make sure that they are in U.S. dollars as this is the most common form of currency to change however U.K. sterling is also an acceptable form of travellers cheque. If you are finding it hard to locate a bureaux exchange many Peru banks will offer a secure and safe way in which to cash your travellers cheque, be warned that the process may take longer than expected if travelling outside of Lima.

If you are taking your credit/debit card with you on your journey to Peru you will find that all major cards are accepted, once again, you may find the ability to use your credit/debit card difficult outside of Lima and other major cities of Peru. ATM's and cash machines are also prevelant in Peru which further adds to the ease of which you can use your credit/debit card throughout Peru.

For your countries current exchange rate to Peruvian Nuevo Sol please use the currency converter link featured below. From this website you can check the daily changes of the exchange rate from a large list of countries and their different currency all of which will be displayed at the rate to the peruvian nuevo sol. Currency Converter

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