Who Made the Nazca Lines


Due to the Nazca lines being a great mystery as to why they were created many theories have been put forward as to what their purpose actual was for the azca people. One of the first major beliefs as to why the Nazca lines were created was because they point to important information on when the sun was setting and rising, plus to point in the direction of important areas to the Nazca people. However this theory was disproved by Gerald Hawkins and Anthonys veni as there was insufficient evidence in which to prove that this theory was correct.

One of the main theories for the Nazca lines was produced by Johan Reinhard who provide archelogical, ethnographic and historical data to provide the theory that worship of mountains and other water sources played a dominant role in Nazca religion. The drawings are shown as reasons to worship what they represent for the belief that they would secure crops and water to aid the people of Nazca.

Astronomer Robin Edgar presented the theory that Nazca lines particularly the ones that feature animals, fish and humans were created in order respond to the "Eye of God" which would be a feasable explanation as during the Nazca line period it co-insides with a large amount of solar eclipses took place over the southern Peru area. Robin Edgar believed this as a solar eclipse would resemble the pupil and iris looking down on the people below, therefore it is believed that the lines were created in order for the eye in the sky to view the Nazca lines.

One of the most original theories to have surfaced about the Nazca lines was produced by the writer Erich Von Dniken who created a book called Chariots of the Gods that discusses his belief that the Nazca lines were created by aliens and used as landing strips. This was his belief as he felt that the designs were to complex and covered such a large distance that they could not have been created by humans due to the size of the lines, lack of tools plus they had no ability to view the lines from the air.

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As it has proven difficult over the years to discover an form of written evidence of the Nazca culture it is difficult to discover the reason for the Nazca lines, however the mystery of the area and how the Nazca lines were created add to the reason for you to visit the area for yourself. As the allure of discovering the reason for their creation can capture your imagination and help solve the mystery of the Nazca lines.

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